Gelato, SunsetSherbet, Guava, Gello, Dosidos, OGKB, Zkittlez

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Gelato, SunsetSherbet, Guava, Gello, Dosidos, OGKB, Zkittlez

Postby ESJE-HERB » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:14 pm

Hey Guys and Girls,

So at the moment there are some names in the game that everyone is searching for in Clone, Seed or even Bagseeds. Almost everyone wants to grow these Exotic Cultivars, but what do you think is it worth it or is it just a hype?

You will probably recognize names like: Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, Mochi, Gorilla Glue, Guava, Dosidos, WeddingCake, OGKB & Zkittlez. These strains are very popular in the USA but also in the rest of the world nowadays, if you smoked any of these strains from a certified source, you will understand why. But only when it is really certified you will understand, I mention this because this industry is like the Chinese, if a strain is popular and really good, the name is being copied instantly and that's were the fakes come in. But actually these FAKES destroy these strainnames, because instead of being a real exotic (new) flavour, they just try to cash in on the popular names without even having anything close to these exotics.

I started this thread because I want to hear some experiences, people that smoked these exotic strains from dispensaries in the States (What do you think of them? Tell us some more please about your experience). But also I would love to hear other breeders, that have managed to get ahold of these genetics and started breeding with them. And ALSO I would like to hear people that found bagseeds in these strains (again from certified growers/dispensaries ofcourse) and started growing them or breeding with them. How are the results, did you get those exotic terps in there?

From my experience and from the people I know and met, I can say that I personally know the creators of some of these strains. For the Girls Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert for example I know for a fact that the Cookiefam is behind these creations (same goes for Gelato, Gello, Mochi), Jigga and Flux (Who I personally know and smoked their strains with etc.) and Mister Sherbinski. Ofcourse I can not leave Big Berner out of this because he may not be a grower or breeder but he definitely put out the COOKIES brand and helped creating the hype and most important: he is a real connoisseur, he loves smoking exotic herb himself (like me) so if he is happy with the smoke and thinks it is something special, it will get attention. Because the Cookiefam guys are all real connoisseurs, there is always one thing the most important, THE SMOKE, THE ACTUAL FLOWERS, this has to be SUPERB and new/fresh. Gelato and Gello are also creations from this same group of people and unfortunately I have only smoked the Gelato, but damn the terps on these exotic cultivars from the Cookiefam are out of this world. So different, so renewing and I love that, something that tickles your mouth in a whole new way, that makes it special and exotic (in my opinion).

Some brands/growers/breeders in the industry that have worked (or just said that they did, but who am I to say if its true or not) with these kind of exotic strains are: Exotic Genetix, Cali Connection Seed Co, Moxie Genetics, TKO Reserve, Inhouse Genetics, Barney's Farm, Karma Genetics, True Canna Genetics, LadySativaGenetics, JungleBoyz, Cannarado, Sin City Seeds, BC Bud Depot, Raw Genetics, Norcals Gardens, Phenofinder Seeds, Dutch Passion, Crockett, GoldCoast, and many more.....

I have seen a lot of good stuff that really showed characteristics from the certified cultivars, so for me that shows that the breeder or grower is working with the realdeal genetics to make his own pheno or cross. But also I have seen lots of brands just using the names and when you actually grow their seeds or their so-called certified clone, you end up with something thats totally different from the real thing. I won't point fingers and I am actually eager to hear some of YOUR OPINIONS and thoughts... So please lets start a nice discussion here and inform each other about those EXOTICS!!!

Much Love,

ESJE-HERB :ugeek:




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